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1st Independent Test of G2 RIP Ammo

1st Independent Test of G2 RIP Ammo

The Truth About Guns has run the first independent testing of the new G2 RIP (Radically Invasive Projectile) ammo that has been generating so much buzz lately as “the last round you’ll ever need.” This ammo seems very interesting, so I thought I’d pass this on, since all we’ve had up to now has been the manufacturer’s own information.

G2 Research’s RIP Ammo – Ballistic Testing, Phase One

I have personally gone through a series of steps in selecting my defensive ammo, taking many things into consideration for my individual circumstances and surroundings, so I am always interested in new technology in this area.  What do you think about it?

Posted: 6 years 6 days ago by Kenny D #71
Kenny D's Avatar
That is why I prefer Federal HST in my 9mm. I won't be shooting anyone through 3/4" plywood, not with my handgun anyway.
Posted: 6 years 6 days ago by hkadoch #72
hkadoch's Avatar
I agree. This seems like dangerous ammo to be using in my home when there are much more "controllable" hollow-points available. My personal preferences are Federal Guard Dog and Hornady Critical Defense.
Posted: 6 years 6 days ago by Kenny D #73
Kenny D's Avatar
I think that the developers of the G2 have the right idea with the CNC machining part of it. I just think that if they could get the "trocans" to stay attached and petal out like the HST does, along with creating a bit more mass (make the bullets weigh more), it may end up being a player in the field of HD/SD ammo. With the CNC precision machining aspect, you can achieve a more consistent bullet during production. That in turn would give you a way to manage expansion to the levels of peak performance. I have been a CNC machinist for the last 25 years and I have never had the thought of machining bullets, but now I may just have to start tinkering in my spare time. I have access to Mastercam programming software that I could design, draw, and produce CNC programs.
Posted: 6 years 6 days ago by hkadoch #75
hkadoch's Avatar
That could be a very interesting exercise. If you DO take it up, we'd love to publish your progress on it here at GunsAddict.

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