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Shooting the new Sig Sauer P227 .45

Sig Sauer P227

Sig Sauer's P227 is their newest model in the "traditional" Sig Sauer line. It's a double-stack .45, so you could say it's the double-stack version of the P220 or it's the .45 version of the P226. I had a chance to see and shoot it at Shot Show, during Sig Sauer's Range Day, and I was very impressed.

I am a fan of .45s to begin with, and the P227 felt "just right" in terms of grip, weight, balance, and "pointablity." To those familiar with Sigs, it's not a major breakthrough in design, it is simply a very well executed upsizing of their very popular P226 to .45.

Suffice it to say that the very first time I saw and shot the P227, I was able to hit 4 out of 5 shots (at about 10 yards) on a 4" "swinger" target, and that was while shooting the pretty peppy new Sig Sauer defensive hollow-point ammo they also introduced at Shot Show.


Shooting the Sig SSG 3000 Rifle

Shooting the Sig SSG 3000 Rifle

The Sig SSG 3000 is one of Sig’s precision big bore rifles. This one in particular was chambered in .308 with a 24” barrel. Now, I am not a hunter or much of an experienced rifle shooter, but I thought I’d try it out while at Sig Sauer’s media range day at Shot Show.

The rifle is extremely well built, solid, and very stable at about 12 lbs. With just a few seconds of instruction by Sig personnel, I was making head-size hits at 100 yds. The trigger is absolutely smooth and light (3.5 lbs. per Sig specs), and the stock design permits a stable and comfortable hold. I’m not sure of the type of scope installed on this one, but it was perfectly zeroed and allowed me to make shots that I would not normally expect to make.


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