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Glock 41 First Impressions

Glock 41 First Impressions

I must admit up front that I am very partial to large frame, long slide pistols. At the end of the day, apart from considerations related to concealed carry, large frame long slide pistols are the easiest to shoot and master, they are more accurate than small ones, and they squeeze more power from any caliber in terms of velocity and force.

The Glock 41 is no exception. It is a full size Glock 21 frame, with a long slide (8.9”) and barrel (5.31”). This is the .45 version of the very successful Glock 34 in 9mm. What are the advantages? A longer, heavier slide which allows for a longer line of sight as well as greater recoil control. The long-slide Glocks in 9mm (model 34) and .40 (model 35) have been extremely successful in competition (IPSC and USPSA, respectively) because of this feature. I own and love an even older version of the long slide Glock, the 17L in 9mm, which has a full 6” barrel, and is extremely accurate and fast at far longer distances than I can accurately shoot with my mid-size Glock 19.



Another difference in the Glock 41 is that the slide does not have a cut-out like the Glock 34  (probably necessary in the 34 and 35 as the 9mm and .40 cartridges may not have the power to cycle the long slide properly), which makes it heavier, aiding recoil control, and keeping the gun on target. In addition, the Gen 4 dual recoil spring assembly helps in this area. I believe these features will make it a great success in competition, as well as make it an excellent choice for law enforcement officers, and perhaps the military, who like the .45 cartridge but may feel the model 21’s recoil may be too great.

The large ammo capacity (13 +1) as well as the other Gen 4 features round out the main features of this new model. This is a solid and very desirable Glock, and in my view is a welcome addition to the outstanding Glock lineup.


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