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New Benelli Ethos Shotgun

New Benelli Ethos

As some of you may know, I am a huge fan of shotguns and the shotgun sports. One of my most prized firearms is from the Ethos' predecessor series, the Benelli Performance Shop SuperSport; which is the Benelli SuperSport with the Briley performance upgrades (ported barrel, Briley extended chokes, lengthened forcing cone, back-bored to .733, Briley EZ-bolt release and enlarged bolt handle, polished action, tuned trigger). It is an amazing shotgun, and it works like a charm!


If there were any possible issues with that series of Benelli shotguns, they were minor and none of them critical. I, for one, prefer wood stocked shotguns, and with the Benelli I had to choose the synthetic in order to get the built-in recoil reduction system. Another issue that came up was having to allow the bolt to slam closed in order to ensure proper lock-up (a noise issue for hunters), and perhaps a few other minor annoyances, like not cycling properly with very light loads, and speed of cartridge loading.

This year at Shot Show, Benelli introduced the latest version of this shotgun, the Ethos. It is essentially the same design, with a few major and some minor improvements. One of the major ones is their new “Progressive Comfort” recoil reduction system, which is a system of buffers that absorb recoil in stages, depending on the shot-shell load. Perhaps more importantly (for me, anyway) it can be incorporated into a wood stock, which is fabulous, because I can get the benefit of this technology without sacrificing my preference for a beautiful wood stock. It also has a built-in LOP adjustment system in the recoil pad. They also re-designed their inertia-driven system to allow for full lock-up even when slowly (and quietly) closing the bolt. Other improvements include improved ergonomics, a two-part latch for quicker loading of shells, proper cycling of very light loads, and others.


It is a beautiful and well-made shotgun, which will appeal to any shooter. Right now it’s available in satin walnut engraved, and satin walnut anodized. I can’t wait for the “sporting” models to come out!


Posted: 10 years 3 months ago by txshurricane #23
txshurricane's Avatar
I'm really interested in seeing how well that recoil damper system works.
Posted: 10 years 3 months ago by hkadoch #24
hkadoch's Avatar
I didn't get a chance to shoot it at Shot Show, but speaking with some who did, it apparently works quite well. Of course, recoil is such a personal thing, we all have to feel it ourselves in order to judge.

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