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Heating Up: FIREClean Under the Microscope

Photo credit: Vickers Tactical

FIREClean, one of the the most aggressively marketed gun lubricants since it hit stores in 2012, is getting the eyeball from its competitors and from some third-party industry figures. Known as a "green clean" product that lubes firearms while removing fouling, FIREClean also happens to be relatively expensive. At $7/oz average retail, it should do everything it advertises. And, by all accounts: it does seem to.

Seemingly out of the blue, a video showing a frying pan test of FIREClean versus Crisco vegerable oil went near-viral. It was shared by the Gun Show Podcast on Facebook, along with a comparison video by Weapon Shield creator George Fennell. The first video has since been removed, but Fennell's video is still available, and includes remarks about the similarities of FIREClean with Wesson oil and PAM - based on a reading of FIREClean's Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). The Everyday No Days Off (ENDO) Blog also shared both videos, shrugging them off as typical industry drama. 

Enter Andrew Tuohy, owner of the Vuurwapen Blog and contributor at The Firearm Blog.

Andrew spent his own money to have an IR spectra analysis done on FIREClean, Crisco soybean oil, and Crisco canola oil. The results are damning; to the general reader, at least. 


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